Safety at Work Policy Statement of

M.A. Ponsonby Ltd and its Board of Directors are committed to Safety in the Workplace and will provide all necessary equipment to ensure compliance with the Common Law obligation known as Safe Systems of Work, so far as is practicable safe for all employees, contractors and other road users, either on company premises or elsewhere.
The Senior Management Team of M.A. Ponsonby Ltd recognise that they have the overall responsibility in Law to provide clear policy and direction on all matters relating to a safe working environment for all. In pursuit of this Statutory objective, Senior Management will provide so far as is practicable, all of the necessary resources to comply with all responsibilities detailed in The Health and Safety at Work Act etc 1974 and all subsequent legislation flowing from it.
M.A. Ponsonby Ltd company policy is to promote Safe Systems of Work and this is a mutual objective for the company and all employees, for the overall responsibilities of management cannot be properly discharged without the active co-operation of each and every single employee. Therefore, the detailed responsibilities of Senior Managers and all employees are set out in the revised Handbook dated 7th May 2012, a copy of which has been presented to each employee and as such is permanently available for inspection and your personal compliance.
This Policy document is confirmed as official company policy, as determined by the Board of Directors of M.A. Ponsonby Ltd.
Michael A. Ponsonby,                                                                  23rd March 2017.
Managing Director